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Adults 15 and Up
$27.00 + tax

Seniors 60 and Up
$23.00 + tax

Children 14 or under
$19.00 + tax

Tots 1-2 years $13.00
Baby Pirates
(Under 1) FREE!
Sunset cruise prices
are $2.00 more on
each ticket.

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the dude


“Midnight” Amanda

Amanda joined the crew of the “Sea Dragon” in 2008.  She hails from Wausau, Wisconsin and is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers, just like Captain “Fearless” Phil.  Amanda works very hard and is very savvy.  Her friendly attitude and efficient manner make her the perfect galley wench.  Amanda likes traveling, laying on the beach and her pug Amos!







"Squid Lips"

Joined the crew of the “Sea Dragon” in 2015. Squid Lips graduated college in 2017 with a degree in Criminal Intelligence Analyzation with a minor in Underwater Crime Scene Investigation. She is now preparing to study maritime law because of her love and respect for the ocean. Also, she’s pretty funny!





“Guppy” joined the crew of the “Sea Dragon” in 2017. She has lived in Panama City her whole life.  She is one tough SCUBA diver and spearfisherwoman.  The “Guppy” loves turtles and her rescue dog named Ruby.









“Cannon Ball” Becca

"Cannon Ball"Becca joined the crew of the “Sea Dragon” in 2011.  She is currently attending college and studying to be a Marine Biologist. She hopes to get a job in a National or State Park or become a National or State Wildlife officer.  “Cannon Ball” is passionate about protecting the environment and all animals, especially cats!






Summer "Breeze"

Summer joined the crew of the “Sea Dragon” in 2005.  She serves primarily as one of our galley wenches but can serve, as first mate should the occasion occur.  Summer is a graduate of the University of West Florida.  She graduated summa cum laude earning a degree in pre-professional biology.  Summer loves to surf, ski, kayak, snorkel, SCUBA dive and ride motorcycles. She is our self appointed protector of the oceans.









“Chappie” joined the crew of the “Sea Dragon” in early 2017. He is part of a very large family.  He is #9 of 11 children.  “Chappie” is finishing up his college degree soon and is planning on joining the Navy.  He is planning on signing up to be a Seal Team diver.







“Killer” Kelly

‘Killer” Kelly joined the crew of the “Sea Dragon” in 2017.  When not aboard ship she works full time as a nurse.  She is originally from Kentucky and she loves those Wildcats!  When Kelly was a little girl she
came aboard the “Sea Dragon” and was given the name “Killer” by the former Captain.  Years later after becoming a crew member aboard our ship the
current Capt. “Fearless” Phil gave her the same name. How about that!